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KUHN ploughs are designed to help preserve the agronomic value of soil and to increase crop productivity. KUHN ploughs have large working widths and excellent maneuverability which enable running costs to be reduced. They also include the latest innovations, so that they last longer and have lower maintenance costs.

Mounted Reversible Ploughs

The KUHN range of Multi-Master and Vari-Master ploughs meets every requirement in soil preparation. All of these models are very robust and easy to adjust. They have a wide choice of body numbers (from 2 to 7) and the safety systems on all models adapt to all soil conditions: safety is provided by traction bolts or springs (T Safety) or Non-Stop Hydraulics (NSH Safety).

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Semi Mounted Reversible Ploughs

KUHN’s Manager, Vari-Manager and Challenger ploughs use a linkage system that allows them to use more bodies than a mounted plough for a given power output. Their manoeuvrability also means that they can be used in tight places whilst still retaining high work rates.

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Semi Mounted Conventional Ploughs

KUHN’s traditional range of semi-mounted Vari-Lander XC ploughs meets the most stringent of farmer requirements. The Vari-Lander XC range, incorporates a hydraulic Non-Stop Security safety system as well as safety disc coulters, variable ploughing widths for maximum versatility, and good clearance (115cm between the plough bodies and 87cm below the plough leg) so that work can be carried out on soils with large amounts of crop residue.

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