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Hoisting Machinery

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SANY Cranes | Hoisting Equipment

SANY cranes includes mobile, tower and crawler with the lifting capacity from 25t to 1600t, built with remarkable load-lifting capacity, delivering superior lifting performance for building and road construction, ocean engineering, nuclear power and wind farm projects. Using a highly-efficient hydraulic system and intelligent control units, SANY hoisting machinery  enablse you to get maximum job-site productivity in multiple work environments.

Mobile Crane

SANY mobile crane has four major types: rough terrian crane, all terrian crane, truck crane, general chassis crane. It is equipped with multiple intelligent functions, making operation easier, faster and more efficient. Built with robust yet remarkably lightweight steel, SANY mobile crane is highly maneuverable yet powerful enough to tackle the most demanding hoisting operations. The powerful lifting capacity greatly increases job-site productivity.

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Crawler Cranes

Sany crawler cranes features maximum reliability and the highest operational efficiency with its lifting capacity ranging from 75t to 1600t. In 2011, Sany launched SCC36000, a twin-boom crawler crane with breakthrough tonnage never before seen in the industry. Sany has remained ahead in technological innovation, acquiring over 100 patents for crawler cranes alone, ensuring its machines offer you maximum safety, stability and flexibility in whatever operating environment.

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Tower Cranes

SANY tower crane has coverage from 63 t·m to 500 t·m. Sany was the first in the industry to adopt Dynamic Simulation technology when developing tower cranes, and has engineered intelligent machines and systems that offer precision and reliability. Instrumentation on the machine enables realtime calculation of height, rotation angle and wind speed that is then displayed on the HD monitor, greatly enhancing accuracy and convenience of operation.

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