Port Machinery


SANY port machinery develops a wide range of port equipment for your choice, e.g. reach stacker, container handler, forklift truck, material handler, and large port cranes like ship-to-shore container crane, portal jib crane, rail-mounted gantry crane, rubber tyre gantry crane can be customerized. Joint design of China and Germany, our port equipment is the right choice for harbour applications.

Reach Stacker

SANY reach stacker is engineered with power, rugged construction, operator visibility, and maneuverability. Designed to easily handle 20-, 30-, 40-foot standard containers, the reach stackers can hoist and place up to 50 U.S. tons with precision. Tube, log stacking and tilting attachments extend its versatility. Whether working in a port, intermodal yard or rail facility, our reach stackers get the job done.

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Forklift Truck

SANY forklift trucks can not only handle large-tonnage cargo but also support maintenance, discharge, and installation of important equipment. With special attachments, it can handle steel, stone, concrete, wood, 20’ container, etc. the forklift is reliable and highly efficient with hoisting capacity from 10 to 46 tons. Various attachments and masts are provided to meet your different requirements.

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Empty Container Handler

SANY empty container handler is a workhorse in the container yard. Constantly moving, maneuvering, lifting and setting. Productivity is the key to profitability, and the container handlers are engineered for grueling long shifts in all weather conditions. With expansive visibility and many cab comfort features, SANY empty container handlers are easy to operate for the most demanding workloads.

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Ship-To-Shore Container Cranes

SANY STS is custom designed and built to meet your individual terminal requirements. Available with 8-wheel, 10-wheel, and 12-wheel modular configurations, and a wide range of outreaches, hoisting capacity and span, SANY STS crane fits for workloads at different ports.

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Rail-Mounted Container Gantry Cranes

SANY RMG is custom designed and manufactured based on the practical condition on your ports or yards.
Standard RMG crane is modular designed and has displayed outstanding performance at ports across the globe.
SANY is committed to providing you the best RMG crane in the shortest period.

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Rubber Tyre Container Gantry Cranes

SANY RTG is customized to meet your unique demand at ports and yards, available in the standard model and tailored models with multiple choices of hoisting height, spans, and specifications.
Modular design, top manufacturing, leading technologies, and rigorous tests give you the best RTG crane in the shortest period.

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Portal Slewing Crane

SANY portal slewing crane is custom designed for you based on the practical conditions of port or intermodal yard. 8 standard models of portal slewing crane are now available, including portal crane with double link jib system and portal crane with single boom system. Range of the hoisting capacity is 16~80 ton. High productivity is guaranteed with industry-leading technology.

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Material Handler

SANY material handlers with high efficiency and diversity are manufactured to load/unload bulks or cargos in port, terminal, intermodal yard or rail facility. In modular design, different chassis, power supply, cab, boom system, and attachments are optional. leading technologies are adopted to provide you the safe and reliable material handling equipment in the industry.

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