Wind Turbine


SANY wind turbine by 1.5MW and 2.0MW focuses on the concern of users by providing industry-leading products with high power output, high reliability and low maintenance cost. Quality control, efficient service, spare parts availability, improved power curve, and comprehensive test system guarantee the quality of our wind turbine generators. For both onshore and offshore wind power projects, you can always find machines from SANY that satisfy your requirements.

High Speed Doubly-Fed Wtg

SANY high speed doubly-fed WTG is the right choice for both onshore and offshore wind power projects. Longer blade, self-adaptive power curves, airfoil optimization, low cut-in and high cut-out guarantee our machines’ high productivity. Intelligent diagnosis system can automatically collect and analyze operation data and prevent the fault before it occurs. SANY high speed doubly-fed WTG offer you the optimal solution for wind farms.

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