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Case Crawler Dozer, Construction

Case Crawler Dozers

Case crawler dozers deliver best-in-class powertrain technology for superior track power and outstanding blade force through the turns. Case dozers power both tracks when turning to increase material retention and productivity.

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Next generation engine

The state of the art common rail engine delivers top performance in load response, max torque, power and fuel economy. The combustion is optimised for maximum efficiency, occurring at high temperatures and using 100% fresh, cool air, as the air intake is separated from the exhaust. The turbocharged engine with an Air-to-Air intercooler relies on well proven multi injection technology to maximize torque back-up and fuel efficiency with reduced engine noise and vibrations.


Fresh air breathing engine

The cooling package of the 1650M and 2050M has been redesigned and fi tted with a hydrostatic reversible fan. In the new design, the radiators are mounted with no overlap, so that each radiator receives fresh air, maintaining constant fluid temperatures. The hydrostatic fan continuously adapts its speed to match the real cooling demand, reducing power absorption. The reversing mode reduces maintenance needs and lengthens cleaning intervals.


Unmatched drawbar pull

The entirely re-engineered transmission offers best-in-class pulling capacity combined with the typical manoeuvrability of the hydrostatic solution. The triple reduction final drive adds a planetary reduction to the standard double one. The hydrostatic transmission can work at a faster speed, reducing the overall pressure and consequently the effort on the single components. The two final drives are directly fl anged on the main frame for better effort distribution and easy disassembling for extraordinary maintenance.