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Case Graders

Case Construction Graders

CASE road graders are built with a powerful engine, rugged A-frame and moldboard design, industry-leading flip-up rear hood, best-in-class serviceability and outstanding visibility. They’ll make you more productive on the toughest jobs and longest days.

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For excellent performance

From a unique moldboard design that rolls a superior mix to a fuel-effi cient, turbocharged Tier 3 engine that achieves operating speeds of up to 43 km/h to a spacious, rear-mounted cab that gives operators exceptional visibility of the working components of the machine. For even higher performance the Dual Power maximizes operation at higher speed thanks to the double (845B/885B) or triple (865B) engine curve flattening from 4th gear.


Productivity with less power

The reinforced involuted moldboard improves the blade life thanks to different radius. The CASE radius design consists of three different radius allowing a more efficient and continuos cutting, mixing and rolling. The mixing effect is efficient on the spread out material too. This improves road surface consistency and longevity.


Best sight on circle, saddle, moldboard and more

The rear-mounted cab of B Series motor graders, combined with floor-to-ceiling glazed windows give operators a superior visibility of breakaway side mirrors, moldboard, circle, saddle and tires. Even rearward, the sleek, sloping hood provide excellent visibility when backing up.