Fitting a GPS antenna to your machinery opens up Advanced Farming Systems capability to include guidance, automatic steering, sprayer boom control, yield mapping and much more. While satellite navigation in a car typically has a positioning accuracy of about 5,5 yards, Case IH AFS® equipment can achieve pass-to-pass accuracy levels down to 1 inch.


20-cm pass-to-pass accuracy. Sub-meter repeatable accuracy. 1 min convergence. The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) was developed by the European Space Agency, the European Commission and EUROCONTROL to augment the Global Positioning System (GPS), with the goal of improving its accuracy, integrity and availability. It is available to all at no charge.


10-cm pass-to-pass accuracy. 40 min convergence.
OmniSTAR® XP is best suited for:
•High-performance broadacre spraying, planting and land-tillage applications
•Operations in areas with open views of the sky at all times


RTK Features & Benefits:
•Mobile or fix installed reference stations (Range up to 15km radius).
•Correction data sent via radio or via GSM cellular Network.
•Highly accurate signal with 2,5cm repeatable accuracy (2,5cm pass to pass and year to year).
•No convergence time required, full accuracy available immediately;

RangePoint™ RTX™ incl. GLONASS

RangePoint™ RTX™ is a GPS and GLONASS enabled correction service delivered via satellite and built on the same RTX technology as CenterPoint RTX. This correction Service provides up to 15 cm/6 inch pass-to-pass horizontal accuracy and 50 cm/20 inch repeatable horizontal GNSS positioning without requiring the use of traditional ground-based stations. RangePoint™ RTX™ does not require additional receivers, modems, or data plans and will be available throughout most of the world.

Features of RangePoint™ RTX™

15 cm inch pass-to-pass horizontal accuracy
50 cm repeatable horizontal accuracy.
•GPS and GLONASS compatible.
•Convergence to full accuracy in less than 5 minutes – often less than 1 minute.
•Operate up to 2 minutes with a blockage of correction Signal.

Benefits of RangePoint™ RTX™

•Affordable entry-level correction service.
•More accurate and reliable than traditional SBAS systems.
•Work without interruption during critical field operations.
•No additional receivers, modems, or data plans required.

How do I activate Range Point RTX?

Go to: http://start.trimblertx.com
…register and follow the instructions on this Website

Only available with FM-750 or FM-1000 Display and 372 Receiver.

CenterPoint™ RTX™ incl. GLONASS

CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction is now available throughout most regions of the world and is delivered directly from satellite, avoiding the need for additional receivers, modems or data plans. This service is compatible with the new AFS 372 GNSS Receiver as well as the FM-750™ display and FM-1000® integrated display.

CenterPoint™ RTX™ is a GPS and GLONASS enabled correction service. This breakthrough technology provides up to 4cm repeatable horizontal GNSS positioning without requiring the use of a traditional reference station-based infrastructure.
Depending on the user’s location and operational circumstances, the CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction service converges to full accuracy in 30 minutes on average, or in less than 5 minutes when the FastRestart™ feature is used.

CenterPoint™ RTX™ Features & Benefits:

•Accuracy over large geographic area – Extensive coverage for most regions of the world.
•High accuracy – Provides 4cm horizontal accuracy.
•GNSS compatibility – Uses GPS and GLONASS satellite access on the AFS 372 GNSS Receiver as well as the FM-750™ display and FM-1000™ integrated display to increase your satellite availability and extend your operating hours.
•Free GLONASS – With CenterPoint™ RTX™ subscriptions, GLONASS satellite access is unlocked for free throughout the duration of the subscription.
•More uptime – Continue working during times of correction signal interruption or blockage for up to two minutes.
•FastRestart technology – Decrease the standard initialization time to less than 5 minutes at the beginning of each day by starting your tractor in the same place you shut it off the night before.

NEW: XFill™

Case IH AFS RTK solutions now feature the new xFill™ technology – a feature designed to enhance RTK solution reliability and in-field runtime.
During RTK signal interruptions, xFill™ steps in to keep the RTK solution in fixed mode, while maintaining a high level of accuracy. Available globally, xFill™ adds a significant amount of reliability to the Case IH guidance solution and increases in-field runtime.

xFill™ Features & Benefits:

•Up to 20 minutes of extended RTK operation keeps you in the field longer with fewer interruptions.

•Seamless switching ensures there are smooth transitions when the system switches to xFill™ then back to RTK once the corrections have been restored.

•Global coverage area allows users in areas where RTX via satellite is available to benefit from xFill™ technology.
•Standard feature allows for all Case IH RTK users to benefit.

xFill™ technology is able to maintain a relatively high level of precision throughout the RTK outage period. However, accuracy will degrade the longer xFill™ is active. xFill™ is designed to keep you running in the field, even if it means that overall accuracy will slowly decrease over time: