Whether you take delivery of your new Case IH tractor or combine with factory-installed AFS®, or retrofit an AFS® solution to your existing equipment, the AFS Pro monitor touchscreen puts key functions at your fingertips. At Case IH we only use touch screens because we know you demand a no-compromise fully portable approach in your operations.

AFS Pro 700

Designed for agricultural applications, the AFS Pro 700 displays delivers daylight readability and one of the largest screens in the industry in a lighter, thinner package with more computer power, so you can see not only what is on the screen, but also what’s beyond it.

Full-colour, integrated touchscreen

With the AFS Pro 700, you’ll benefit from added capabilities with minimal complexity. Set your screen to display the operating information most important to you. Work with third-party implements and even move the console between Case IH vehicles. Just one screen provides a universe of functionality.


•26 cm diagonal touchscreen.
•Up to 6 run screens on a single monitor.
•Faster processing speeds than the AFS Pro 600.
•Almost 50 percent lighter than the AFS Pro 600.
•Perimeter reduction of more than 30 percent compared to the AFS Pro 600.

In addition, the Case IH Multicontroller Armrest, found in most high-horsepower Case IH equipment, features an integrated mount for the AFS Pro 700 displays. Case IH worked extensively with producers like you to develop the new Multicontroller Armrest console and put key functions where they feel most natural.

Single interface for precision farming functions

One easy-to-operate display controls multiple applications effortlessly, even in mixed-fleet situations.

The AFS Pro 700 monitor is the control hub for:

•AFS AccuGuide™ auto-guidance: Fully integrated, hands-free control of tractors, combines and sprayers to reduce operator fatigue, skips and overlaps, soil compaction and more.
•AFS Row Guide™ for combines: A combination of AFS AccuGuide and mechanical sensors to enable hands-free operation, even in fields planted without guidance.
•AFS ISOBUS task controller: Automatic control of sections and application rates and flows, on ISOBUS ready implements.
•AFS yield monitoring and mapping: Yield and grain moisture tracking in real time.
•Automatic Crop Settings (ACS): Combine settings preset for various crops and crop conditions, making it easier to move from crop to crop.
•AFS Connect: Pipeline to send and receive machine, agronomics and job-site information using a combination of GPS and cellular technology.

Machine control

With the AFS Pro 700 displays in your cab, you can manage all your tasks and data from a single point. Farming is complicated enough without needing to switch from monitor to monitor or trying to make things work together when they were never designed to do so.

From your seat with just a few touches you can fine-tune options such as remote valve timers and flow control, auto PTO, engine speed settings, wheel slip alarm, calibrations and implement settings, as well as other key machine functions in Steiger, Puma CVX, Puma, Maxxum Multicontroller and Magnum tractors and Axial-Flow® combines. You can even save settings for each implement based on working conditions.


Mixed fleet? No problem. The AFS Pro 700 is ISO 11783 VT compliant, so any ISO VT-compliant implement can be controlled from a single screen.

•Fine-tuning of vehicle setup and controls such as Automatic Crop Settings (ACS), headers, moisture and yield calibrations and more…
•Record keeping under the grower, farm, field, task, structure. See what was done and when.
•Performance monitoring of fuel usage, engine and PTO load, wheel slip and work rates, either live, specific to the job or as daily averages. Status of maintenance and more…
•Hitch notebook: this screen allows you to save the settings for each implement according to the working conditions. Next time you attach the plough, for example, you just need to open the notebook, choose the right setup and away you go.

Performance monitoring

Track key equipment performance data in real-time, by job or as a daily average, using the AFS Pro 700.
Management decisions are simplified with better information on:

•Fuel usage.
•Engine and PTO load.
•Wheel slip.
•Work rates.

Improved processing power

The AFS Pro 700 delivers a 500 percent increase in relative performance compared to previous models.
•256 MB RAM to speed up operations (compared 64 MB).
•64 MB flash memory to transfer data to other computers (compared to 32 MB).

A USB port simplifies both the uploading and downloading of data. Map data, guidance lines, elevations, obstacles, and boundaries can be easily exported and shared between displays.


Unfortunately, you do not have eyes in the back of your head, but the AFS Pro 700 provides three video inputs to help you feel like you do. With the AFS Pro 700, you can monitor implements and grain tank fill, back up more easily, boost safety, and reduce back and neck fatigue caused by turning to see behind you. The video window can be adjusted to appear as big or as small as you want.


Entry-level lightbar guidance system
• User-friendly • Simple and affordable • All makes compatible


The EZ-Guide® 250 lightbar guidance system has an intuitive user interface that works right out of the box. Easy to install with its own built-in GPS receiver, the EZ-Guide® 250 system can be a logical first step into the world of guidance systems and can be retrofitted to any brand of equipment.

•Assisted – EZ-Steer®

The EZ-Guide® 250 is compatible with the EZ-Steer®. This means you can retrofit an advanced automatic steering package at any time and take advantage of T2™ terrain compensation as well for extra precision.


Advanced lightbar guidance system


• User-friendly • Evolutionary • All makes compatible

The FM-750™ touchscreen display delivers affordable guidance, steering, and precision agriculture functionality. Use the FM-750™ displays to maximize your efficiency when planting, spraying, spreading and strip-tilling by adding the Field-IQ crop input control system and upgrading to GLONASS satellite correction.


•Assisted – EZ-Steer® and EZ Pilot™ – Delivering a total package priced far lower than the competition.
•Integrated Autopilot™.


Ultimate precision for your tractor and implement


• Machine and implement guidance • Implement monitoring • All makes compatible

The FM-1000™ brings you the best performance and reliability with the industry-leading dual integrated GPS + GLONASS receivers. Capable of handling everything you need in guidance, steering, and mapping at your fingertips, the FM-1000™ gives you a choice of accuracy between 20cm and 2.5cm pass-to-pass and year-to-year.


•Assisted -EZ-Steer® and EZ Pilot™.
•Integrated Autopilot™ – On auto-guidance factory ready machines or on the retrofit package.




• Machine and implement guidance • Implement monitoring • All makes compatible.
•Large 12.1″ (30.8cm) high-definition colour touch-screen display.
•Tablet-like interface with a customizable run screen, allowing users to move and turn widgets on/off to meet their needs.
•Rugged construction for everyday field use, meeting demands in harsh environments.
•One integrated GNSS receiver.
•One integrated camera with support for an additional external camera.
•Easy transferability between vehicles (less than five minutes) when the transfer kit is used.


•Assisted -EZ-Steer® and EZ Pilot™.
•Integrated Autopilot™ – On auto-guidance factory ready machines or on the retrofit package.


The Field-IQ™ crop input control system provides a complete field application solution. The Field-IQ™ system helps you:


•Increase profits by avoiding double coverage and eliminating wasted inputs using automatic or manual section control.
•Save on input costs by monitoring and simultaneously varying up to six different materials using Variable Rate Application (VRA) technology to precisely plant seeds, apply chemicals and spread fertilizers.
•Monitor real-time seeding information or fertilizer delivery lines and prevent costly planter problems by catching them early before they cause yield reduction.
•Utilize crop-sensing technology to reduce costs and environmental impact by controlling the application of nitrogen, herbicide and other crop inputs for optimum plant growth.

Manage all of your guidance and application tasks using Field-IQ™, which is compatible with the FM-750™ or FM-1000™ displays.