The opportunities and challenges impacting agriculture today and into the next decades mean we’re farming in ways our grandfathers never imagined. Innovative precision farming technologies, like the Case IH AFS 372 GNSS receivers and DCM-300 modem, are examples of how Case IH delivers intuitive technology and ensures maximum uptime. Case IH is committed to delivering the technology you need, now and in the future, to improve productivity across your entire operation.

Receiver selection

AFS 372 GNSS Receivers

Can you imagine having a receiver that can predict the future? The AFS 372 GNSS receiver is an all-in-one dual-frequency GPS/GLONASS antenna and receiver system that is “future-proofed”, capable for signals not yet available!

With even more channels and satellite tracking capability than on previous models, the AFS 372 GNSS receivers ensures a highly accurate, reliable signal is always available so you can keep moving. Signal loss won’t shut you down or force you to move forward without mapping and guidance.

The integrated receiver/antenna design makes the AFS 372 portable and easier to move from vehicle to vehicle with minimal cabling. The 372 receivers is already GLONASS enabled at each correction level where the correction service supports GLONASS. No additional unlock is required at the OmniSTAR or RTK levels.

You can use the same mounting and cabling that you used with your previous AFS 262 receiver. You can also continue to use your existing radio, as this next-generation system is compatible with the AgGPS 450 and the AgGPS 900 radios.

The 220 channels and 44 satellites ensure minimal signal loss. Plus, the AFS 372 GNSS receiver supports the entire range of correction options so you can choose the accuracy that best suits your operation.

Correction options supported:

•CenterPoint RTX
•CenterPoint RTK + GLONASS

AGGPS® 162 Receivers

Need a simple, straightforward receiver option? The AgGPS 162 are value receivers that gets the job done with high reliability and at a lower cost.
This integrated receiver/antenna is compact and weatherproof, and with a magnetic mounting option, it moves easily from vehicle to vehicle. It supports DGPS and is guidance capable (requires an additional unlock).

Modem/Base Station

DCM-300 Modem

The DCM-300 can be used reliably anywhere in Europe. An external antenna helps further boost cellular service performance. In addition, its rugged cast-aluminum housing means that it is ready for the toughest agriculture scenarios. Setup is simple and fast. Configuration is completely automatic through the receiver interface on the AFS 372 GNSS receiver and other aftermarket products.

The DCM-300 is compatible with a variety of signal options, including:

•CenterPoint™ VRS™.
•CenterPoint RTX™.
•Third-party network RTK solutions, including state-run or public RTK networks.
•Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS).
•Other CMR or CMR+ formats.

AGGPS 542 GNSS Base station

For sub-inch accuracy levels, consider the 220-channel AgGPS 542 GNSS base station. GLONASS is already unlocked, and the 450 or 900 MHz RTK radio is integrated. It can be used as a mobile or fixed-base station. The AgGPS 542 also supports an internet connection. This allows you to connect your base station to the World Wide Web and transmit RTK corrections via mobile phone networks. This is very useful if you have to work greater distances away from your base station or suffer from radio signal loss in hilly terrain.