Austoft 8010 and 8810
Sugarcane Harvesters

358 (HP)

With its pioneering spirit, Case IH has set a new benchmark in delivering its latest Austoft sugarcane harvesters, focussing on harvest quality and return on investment.

Innovations that deliver a better harvesting experience

  • Easier operation
  • Improved visibility

  • Improved durability
  • Easier maintenance

  • Increased productivity
  • Better quality of harvest

Offering lower operating costs...

Larger fuel tank

  • 620 litre capacity (29% more than the previous model).
  • Located at the center of the harvester for greater stability regardless of fuel level.
  • Lower fuel consumption.
  • More productivity.

Intelligent cooling system fan

With automatic, variable rotation, depending on system temperature. This ensures a lower demand for hydraulic activation of the fan motor, therefore lower fuel consumption, particularly in periods of low temperature (night and winter).

Smart Cruise

  • Optimised power curve.
  • Lower fuel consumption.
  • Lower stress on hydraulic system.
  • Extended engine life.
  • Reduced operating costs.

AFS AccuTurn

  • Up to 10 configurable automatic functions to facilitate operation and reduce unnecessary fuel consumption when operating the harvester at the end of a line.

With increased performance


Case IH FPT engines, designed by FPT Industrial and Case IH, deliver power and responsiveness for the most demanding agricultural applications. Smart Cruise – the Case IH intelligent engine – works by optimizing fuel use. Its main benefits are: • Reduced diesel fuel consumption without operational losses • Less stress on the hydraulic system • Less reliance on the operator to adjust the engine speed

Customers who tested Smart Cruise reported fuel consumption savings of up to 26% compared to machines without Smart Cruise. In fields around the world, the performance of Case IH FPT diesel engines speaks for itself. The proof is in literally billions of hours of Efficient Power operation from a proven global leader that consistently sets industry standards.


  • 358 cv a 2,100 rpm.
  • Turbocharged common rail electronic injection system.
  • Water-cooled.
  • Dual Curve system.
  • Smart Cruise system.
  • Easier access to engine compartment for ease of maintenance.
  • Improved air flow and reduced temperature in the turbine area.

  • Fuel filter and prefilter with easy access from ground level.
  • Tier III – iEGR technology (internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation).
  • New power curve optimises fuel usage.

Better quality of harvest

Auto-float - crop divider ``ground following`` system (optional)

Raises and lowers the lever depending on the amount of counter pressure that the soil exerts on the crop dividers.

Auto tracker - “ground following” base cutter system

Automatically controls the height of the cutting disc and provides better quality cane cutting, thus avoiding stump losses.

eView™ - operating cameras with display on the AFS Pro 700+

Located on the sides of the cab roof, for monitoring the elevator, and under the slew table, for monitoring the work done by the base cutter, before releasing the cane.

Antivortex system - primary extractor cleaning system

Created by Case IH, the exclusive Antivortex system reduces vegetable impurities and cane loss and increases load density.

  • Power demanded by the primary extractor reduced by about 30hp compared to a conventional system.
  • New support structure increases strength.

Superior cleaning system and an elevator developed from decades of experience

New primary extractor hood chain-tensioning system

Chain-tensioning system with end springs to prevent premature chain wear or breakage. Antivortex system allows for better airflow, which improves cleaning, with low incidence of billet loss and reduced power consumption.

Simplified elevator chain tensioning system

With only 1 nut and measuring ruler, faster to adjust and greater precision.

Secondary extractor

For further cleaning with 360° slew, for better cane distribution and to prevent it from being deposited on the transporter.


With hydraulic activation for better billet distribution in the transporter and better adjustment and use of the crate volume.

Extended elevator (optional)

Measuring 900 mm, for better reach and good positioning of the transporter on the line, so that the billets are better placed in the transporter.

Extractor chamber wear plates

For longer life and easy replacement during maintenance.

Elevator hull

Large capacity with reinforced edges for longer life.

Built tough to handle long days and long seasons

All large sections of the elevator are made of strong materials, for increased durability and less downtime.

Bin guard

Bin guard Prevents the elevator from impact damage and the flight from contacting the transporter.

“Soft stop” system

Hydraulic damping for more smoothness at the end of run and lower elevator impact.

Reinforced slew table

Longer life.

Scraper bar

For removing sugarcane and soil build-up from slew table.

Cross bars

For more ruggedness with less possibility of the elevator structure twisting.

Floor with oblong holes

A large cleaning area reduces the occurrence of mineral impurities in the harvested stems.

Elevator chain drive (chain + flight) with adjustable speed system

Increases the lifespan of the wear components and improves adaptation to the conditions of the sugarcane fields.

Easier service. Saving time, improving safety.

Water tap

Fed by air-conditioning condensation.

Safety stand

For maintenance requiring a raised suspension.

Magnetic light

With 10 meters of cable, to assist during night maintenance.

Protective grills

Provide safe access to the upper part of the harvester.

Chopper blade holder

With capacity for 4 blades on each side and complete exchange of the 2 rollers.

New cooling system with independent radiator package

Located in sliding drawers for ease of assembling and dismantling when necessary.

Power points

To connect 12 v devices or a light.

Service light

Provides lighting when servicing the front part of the harvester. Grease nipples at the following points: 2 crop dividers, Primary extractor, Chopper roller, 1st roller train bearing.

Cane removal tool

To remove accumulated cane from difficult to access areas.

Feed rollers

With external access to the bearings (bolts on the external side of the chassis) and rubber stops, there is an 83% reduction in the time required for exchanging all bearings, i.e., from 15 to 2.5 hours.

Water separator filter

Located on the engine box door to enable easier maintenance.

Fuel filter positioned on the outermost part of the engine compartment

For safer changing at ground level.

2 access handles on both sides of the engine compartment

To facilitate and increase safety in accessing the engine compartment.

Class 5 rolling stock (available on tracked models)

Ensures longer service interval.

Unparalleled operator environment

Better visibility, superior comfort When the days are long and the nights are even longer, you will come to really appreciate the industry-leading comfort and intuitive operation of the Austoft cab. Guided by input from producers and custom operators, Case IH has taken one of the cane producers largest and quietest cabs in the industry and made it even better. The redesigned Case IH cab provides the ultimate in convenience, comfort, and productivity for your office in the field. The enhanced Case IH right-hand console moves with the seat to control the most vital functions, with the operator’s arm in a comfortable resting position. Similar functions are grouped together and multiple settings for conditions are easily saved for future use. You can keep your eyes on the field rather than searching for knobs or buttons. In addition, all models use the state-of-the-art AFS® Pro 700 display for machine functions and guidance control.

Easy to use, AFS® Pro 700+ comes with features to increase productivity through ease of operation and less operator fatigue.

  • Anti-drift.
  • AFS® AccuTurn.
  • eView™ – operational cameras.
  • Adjustable elevator chain drive speed.
  • Autopilot.

Turn night into day

Increased visibility in night operations. LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours—20 times longer than HID lights. In other words, you may never have to replace them for the life of your equipment. 13 led bulbs:

  • 8 on the front of the cab roof.
  • 2 on the back of the cab roof.
  • 2 in elevator outlet.
  • 1 for maintenance on the front panel (change of basecutter).