March 22, 2024 Admin

CASE Construction Customer Day in Zimbabwe Drives Engagement with Key Clients

Harare, Zimbabwe – CASE Construction, in collaboration with our Zimbabwean distributor Agricon Equipment, hosted a successful customer day last month. The event focused on showcasing CASE’s full range of construction equipment and fostering deeper relationships with existing and potential customers.

Focused Engagement

While the event drew a select group, the smaller crowd proved advantageous. It allowed for more in-depth discussions with each attendee, fostering stronger connections and providing valuable insights into customer needs. There was also a small presentation on CASE’s product lines and features along with a Q&A session.

Interactive Experience

To create a unique and engaging atmosphere, the event took place at a 4×4 flat track driving experience organized in partnership with the Zimbabwe 4×4 Club. This activity provided a fun and interactive way to interact and get to know our customers.

The customer day showcased a selection of CASE’s range, including the versatile 570SV backhoe loader, the powerful 1110 EX-D compactor, the impressive CX220C LC HD 22-ton excavator and SR200B skid steer loader. Customers were able to get behind the wheel and experience the capabilities of CASE equipment first hand.

Diverse Clientele

The customer day attracted a variety of attendees, including established and potential clients from various sectors:

-Road construction companies: Both existing and potential customers in the road construction industry were present, demonstrating a strong interest in CASE’s solutions for this crucial sector.

-Civil engineering and construction firms: Representatives from civil works and construction companies explored CASE equipment’s suitability for their specific applications.

-Equipment rental businesses: Rental companies seeking to expand their offerings with high-performing equipment found the event valuable.

Overall Success

The customer day with a 4×4 track driving experience proved to be a very successful event. The interactive format, targeted equipment display, and focus on quality interactions resulted in fruitful discussions and a deeper understanding of customer requirements. CASE Construction and Agricon Equipment are well-positioned to continue building strong relationships and supporting the growth of the construction sector in Zimbabwe.