Coffee Express 200 Multi

1 model

Whether you’re a farmer or a contractor, we know you take
pride in what you do and how your business appears to others.
That’s why our Coffee Express 200 Multi harvester is designed
to meet productivity, comfort, serviceability, and reliability
for the most demanding customers.


55 CV @ 2,500 rpm


5 l/h


3,900 mm


Up to 150 bags (60 kg)

Case IH employs the best in beans harvesting technology in its coffee harvesters. The unique hydraulic brake system combined with the design of the roller executes high-performance harvesting with the lowest damage to plants and less pulling off of leaves, for the gentlest handling. This unique system also provides greater versatility, giving the producer the option to do selective or full harvesting. Equipped with a fuel-efficient engine and easy maintenance, Case IH harvesters benefit from reduced operating costs, increasing the producer’s profitability.


Equipped with 2 productive rollers (36 flanges per roller – 72 half-moons per roller), the Coffee Express 200 Multi allows greater contact with the plant whilst reducing the need to drag the rod on the branches. In addition to that, the 864 rods per roll will provide you more efficiency and minimal damage to your plants (leaf rippling, breaking of branches and stem boring).


“Fishbone” format pallets with springs are covering the stem of the plant and are redirecting directly the melted fruits to the horizontal conveyors. The baffle plate at the end of the horizontal conveyor also contributes to reducing the losses on the floor. The lower travel flexibility up and down will prevent coffee beans from entering under the pallets and turning into a ground loss.


We made sure to design the vertical conveyor with a set of chains and reinforced taliscas for greater efficiency and reliability. The speed and reverse adjustment allow better transport in adverse conditions and according to the fruits, volume harvested. Designed with deeper plates, the vertical conveyor will ensure to prevent the fruits from jumping out on the ground to reduce losses.The plastic taliscas will put less friction to reduce embedding. The bottom inspection window with a hinge will facilitate access and maintenance.


The fan is powered with a hydraulic system and is designed with a perforated cover to prevent external dust. The Coffee Express 200 Multi features also an adjustable wind speed control on the horizontal shaker roller to improve the cleaning.


Comfort during long harvesting days is one of our main objective. That’s why the operator’s cab is designed with wide glazed area to provide better visibility and also a view on the rollers. In addition, the air conditioner provides better environment for the operator. The ergonomic controls allow effortless control and stress-free operation for the operator.


Equipped with a 55 hp engine at 2,500 rpm, it includes 3 cylinders and a mechanical injection system. The 75 liters fuel capacity and the low fuel consumption will ensure you are spending more time in the fields. Regarding the bulk tank, you’ll be able to unload and harvest simultaneously. The tank cap will prevent the leaves from falling in the tank.