Guidance and Steering


Integrating guidance systems into Case IH tractors and Axial-Flow®combines right from the start ensures extensive factory testing and quality control. Factory-installed AFS auto-guidance systems offer unsurpassed reliability and convenience, providing a year-to-year and pass-to-pass accuracy which is as tight as plus or minus 2.5 cm. Guidance solutions from Case IH such as AFS ElectriSteer, AFS AccuGuideTM, and AFS RowGuideTM can be tailored to your needs and markedly increase the accuracy, efficiency, and productivity of your operation.

Reliable Accuracy

AFS AccuGuide™ provides year-to-year repeatable accuracy, as tight as plus or minus 2.5cm. By minimizing skips and overlaps, you will save on seed, fertilizer and chemicals, and even improve agronomic performance by precisely placing seeds. In controlled-traffic scenarios, you can minimise overall field compaction and further improve agronomic performance.

With a range of accuracy options, your investment remains completely flexible:

•Range Point RTX incl. GLONASS
•OmniSTAR® XP / HP
•Center Point RTX incl. GLONASS

In addition, standard T3™ compensation technology will improve accuracy when driving straight lines across sloping terrain.

AFS AccuGuide™

AccuGuide was designed together with your new Case IH tractor or combine. If you choose the “AccuGuide ready” option, all electric and hydraulic components are fitted in the production plant complying with the highest Case IH quality and manufacturing standards. This adds to reliability and saves labour time compared to aftermarket installations. If you decide to enjoy the savings and operating comfort of a guidance system, just add the AccuGuide components later on (AFS Screen, Navigation Controller and AFS 372 receiver) and your machine will automatically follow a line with up to 2cm accuracy.

With the „AccuGuide complete“ option, your new Case IH machine comes fully equipped with AccuGuide from the factory and you can take full advantage of autoguidance from the day of delivery.

AccuGuide is ideally built into the Case IH operating concept. The AFS Pro 700 display is ergonomically integrated into the armrest. All menus are user configurable in up to 6 run screens showing field maps, guidance settings as well as tractor and implement functions.

AccuGuide activation can also be included in Headland Management Sequences to make operation even more convenient – no need to take your hand off the Case IH MultiController to press an engagement button.

Multiple Guidance Patterns

Six guidance patterns are offered for the ultimate in guidance flexibility, allowing you to work in different patterns and shapes that best fit your operation’s field layouts and contours.

Patterns include:


AFS AccuGuide ready from the factory

Save time and trouble in your operation by ensuring that your Steiger®, Quadtrac®, Magnum™, and Puma® tractors and Axial-Flow® combines are equipped to easily accept AFS AccuGuide™ auto-guidance. The integrated AFS system delivers added convenience and quality control.

Plug & Play Capability

The Case IH AFS AccuGuide™ navigation controller, AFS Pro 700 touchscreen display and AFS 372 receiver are extremely portable and can be used across various types of equipment.


• Keeps your machine and your implement on a repeatable path • All makes compatible
Autopilot is a steering system that can be retrofitted to many makes and models of machines. Using the machine’s electro-hydraulic circuit to provide automatic guidance, this retrofit solution will significantly increase your efficiency during field preparation, planting and harvesting by allowing you to drive more accurately and consistently during extended periods behind the wheel.


TrueGuide implement guidance system
•Get your implement online, by repositioning the tractor offline.
•Requires a secondary GNSS antenna on the implement, with the Autopilot system and the FM-1000 display in the tractor.
•Ideal for cultivation and drilling applications, where multi-pass repeatability is not required.

TrueTracker implement steering system
•Get your implement and tractor online.
•Uses 3D terrain compensation, for high accuracy on any ground.
•Requires a secondary GNSS antenna and NavController II on the implement and the Autopilot and FM-1000 display in your tractor.
•Ideal for row crops, Controlled Traffic Farming and multi-pass repeatability.


Focus more on performance while reducing fatigue
• Perfectly integrated solution • Sleek, clean design • RTK compatible
The EZ-Pilot™ system turns the steering wheel with its integrated electric motor drive and can be used together with the FM-750™ or FM-1000™ to give you hands-free farming. The motor integrated into the steering column provides clear access to all instrument panels and no decrease in legroom in the cab. It allows also for unrestricted manual steering when assisted steering is not engaged. This is the ideal upgrade package to provide high accuracy at an affordable price.


Simple, portable hands-free farming
• Fits all manufacturers´machines and models • Easy to install, easy to use • RTK compatible
Our entry-level assisted steering systems can be used together with the EZ-Guide® 250, FM-750™ or FM-1000™ to give you hands-free farming. While the EZ-Steer® keeps you on track on rolling land, ditches, waterways and embankments, you can focus on many different tasks, such as sprayer or planter performance, improving job quality and crop yields, without the stress of steering the tractor at the same time. This is the ideal upgrade package to convert your lightbar system to a handsfree system.

Harvesting Guidance

Mechanical Row Guidance

A simple mechanical system ensures the combine follows the crop rows. It takes the stress out of harvesting when using wide headers and high operating speeds; more than just productivity increases, it also reduces operator fatigue, allowing full performance during harvest.

Mechanical deflection based guidance solution.
Two mechanical touch sensors determine the position of the combine and send inputs to the steering system which ensures the combine, follows the crop rows automatically even at high working speeds and at times with bad visibility.

Cruise Cut - Laser Guidance

A laser eye system that ensures the combine follows the difference between uncut crop and stubble.

Laser eye based guidance solution.
The laser eye detects the crop edge (height between uncut crop and stubble) and sends inputs to the combine steering system. The header is then reliably guided along this edge. The laser eye is cab mounted and can be focused on the left or right side of the header.

Cruise Cut uses a laser beam thus operating perfectly in dusty conditions and at night. This results in maximum field efficiency with considerably less stress on the driver. The ideal guidance solution where multiple vehicles are running in the same field with different header widths.