Axial-Flow 4000 Series

Axial-Flow 4000 Series


Axial-Flow has led the industry since 1977, providing a simple design that produces superior grain quality and better value than any other combine on the market.

A new dimension in productivity

Designed to tackle the challenges and constraints under which modern farm businesses must work, new Case IH Axial-Flow 4000 Series combines are engineered with innovation to meet the demands of customers requiring fast return on investment using the most advanced and gentle threshing technologies.

Finger always on the pulse
To overcome all these challenges and preserve grain quality, Case IH is constantly working on improving its combines, and invests heavily in research and development of existing products.

A successful harvest start here

Case IH Axial-Flow® combines were launched in 1977 in the USA. Within 35 years, the product was upgraded and its capacity increased and Axial-Flow became the benchmark for harvesting all around the world. The R&D Centre and the new manufacturing complex in Harbin, China, is producing Axial-Flow combines with Global sourcing and with the worldwide Case IH quality well known by our customers. This provides farms and farmers with first-class harvesting solutions and excellent capacity, performance and efficiency, and unbeatable grain quality.

Ultimate performance…

Axial-Flow 4000 Series combines exceed anything on the market when it comes to sheer output. These are machines designed to put tonnes in the trailer as fast as possible – in all crops and all conditions.

One rotor for all crops and conditions

At the heart of every Case IH Axial-Flow 4000 Series combine is the legendary 610 mm diameter Axial-Flow rotor. It’s been developed to improve threshing performance in all crops and boost throughput in damp conditions, regardless of crop type or moisture content, and without compromising grain and straw quality.

Grain-on-grain threshing

The grain-on-grain threshing action of Axial-Flow not only limits grain losses in the field through more effective separation but also ensures that what goes into the grain tank is unbruised and unbroken, protecting top quality and adding revenue to your bottom line. There’s no high-impact conventional drum like that used in conventional or hybrid combines and the transition from threshing to separation is completely seamless.

Enjoy the difference: the cross flow cleaning system

It’s not just the rotor that makes the Axial-Flow different. The Cross Flow® cleaning system which follows the separation process uses chevron-shaped fins to create a uniform vortex along its axis to generate high volumes of air throughput. Unlike conventional systems, there are no air pockets created – distribution is consistent across the underside of the sieves – and fan speed is fully adjustable to cater for finer-seeded crops. The result? Higher cleaning capacity.

Welcome to your harvest office

Perfectly in line with the Axial-Flow family, the 4000 Series cab delivers an amazing feeling of space and comfort: exactly what’s needed to guarantee optimum performance even in the longest working days. More than 3.74 m2 of glass provide an unrestricted panoramic view and excellent visibility of the header, the crop flow into the feeder and unloading auger while sitting comfortably on your suspended and individually adjustable seat. The perfect working environment is guaranteed by high air filter capacity, standard heating, and optional air conditioning.

Maximum performance always at hand

The easy to operate multifunction handle groups all the main combine controls in the palm of your hand for intuitive and super productive harvesting operations. Setting the harvesting speed, engaging the cutting header and controlling the unloading tube has never been so easy.

Total control at your fingertips

Delivering business class ergonomics for fatigue-free operation, the right-hand console integrates many of the combine’s essential controls for a clear overview within easy reach. The A-post monitor keeps the operator constantly informed on many of the main key parameters, allowing the operator to perform on-the-go adjustments maintaining low losses and preserving machine longevity.

Turning dark nights into bright working days

Six cab roof-integrated powerful work lights deliver increased header and field visibility for higher productivity during late-night harvesting. All lights controls are located on the top left-hand side panel, with one switch to turn on/off the different working lights.

Details that make the difference

With the new Axial-Flow 4000 Series, Case IH paid special attention to all of the details to deliver a modern cab for the modern farmer. Curved cab glass assures the maximum visibility of all crucial combine functions. This view can be enjoyed from the comfort of an ergonomically designed operator’s seat with optional cab air conditioning. Industry-leading cab design actively works to reduce the noise of harvesting operations.

Efficiency, versatility, and productivity

2060 Series grain headers

For optimum cutting performance, the Axial-Flow 4000 Series combines can be fitted with high capacity 2060 Series grain headers. Available in three widths (4.57 m, 5.18 m and 6.10 m) and featuring robust mechanical reel drive, these headers deliver state-of-the-art, proven grain header technology. New Axial-Flow 4000 Series combines can be also fitted with 6.10 m 3020 flex headers as well as with 3.66 m 3016 pick-up header for windrowed crops.

5500 Series corn headers

Specifically designed for Axial-Flow with strong shaft drivelines to ensure reliability. Cobs are precision picked and handled gently. The unique industry-leading stalk chopper (only available for the 65 cm) completes a perfect job. A consistent short chop length and even spreading of chopped material leaves a clean field behind.

New lateral tilt feeder channel

The new feeder (available for 4088HD and 4099) allows handling the heaviest headers ensuring the perfect ground contour. Every soil variation can be followed by the operator simply operating on the joystick.

Durability and serviceability

New Axial-Flow 4000 Series combines have fewer moving parts, are simple to operate, more reliable, and less costly to maintain than conventional designs or more complex rotary and hybrid designs. All service points can be reached from ground level or a single step. With heavy items placed at ground level and easy to reach lube points and hanging filters, routine maintenance and daily checks are safe, easy and quick.

Powerful and efficient engines

New Axial-Flow 4000 Series combines are powered by Efficient Power FPT Industrial 6.7 liter engines. These in-line, six-cylinder engines delivering from 180 up to 230 rated HP and meeting Tier III emission standards, are turbocharged and air-to-air after-cooled, providing proven and dependable engine performance in all conditions.

Grain handling

5000L (Axial-Flow 4077HD), 6000L (Axial-Flow 4088HD) and 6500L (Axial-Flow 4099) large grain tanks, allow for extended harvesting between successive unloading. Fast, precise and easy unloading operations are courtesy of a 4.1 m unloading auger with 63 L/sec unloading speed. A Standard 5 m unload auger is available on Axial-Flow 4088HD and 4099 model.

Straw management

The sturdy integrated straw chopper with 2 rows of knives and 2 x 14 knife configuration, allows for optimized residue performance. The roven horizontal twin disk spreader system, with 2 speed spread control, evenly distributes the chopped material on the field for optimum integration into the soil. For customers that want to bale straw a dedicated straw beater is available to respect the straw structure and ensuring perfect bale process and optimum density.