Wheel Rakes

9400 (MM)

Built to handle high capacities, Case IH WR and WRX Series wheel rakes are available in working widths up to 9.4 m wide. Featuring quick, simple adjustments that can be made without removing or adding any components, WR and WRX wheel rakes make it easier for operators to build windrows perfectly matched for crop and field conditions. The Heavy-duty construction ensures season after season of durability.

WR401 HD Wheel Rakes

Built for the rigorous demands of hay growers who require high-speed, high-volume, flat-land raking:

  • Operating speeds as high as 15mph (24kph).
  • No need for a center kicker wheel, so you can drive faster.
  • A raking capacity up to 30 ft. 3 in. (9.2 m) wide.
  • The offset design turns all the crop, ensuring uniform crop dry-down.

60 in (1.5-m) rake wheels are constructed with:
Heavy iron gussets for superior strength, UV-treated poly wind panels, an over-center wheel stop to keep wheels in the proper position, and torsional dampening springs for flotation. The Off-set walking beam tandem wheels allow the machine to follow ground contours and maintain consistent tine height and helps unit travel smoothly over wheel tracks or irrigation borders. The hydraulic hose routing is protected by rubber conduit on the telescoping frame to keep hoses from pinching and binding.

WR102 Deluxe Carted Wheel Rakes

Built compact for easy maneuvering in hilly terrain and smaller fields:

  • High-frame carted design ensures unobstructed crop flow.
  • Available in three raking widths from 5.8–7.8 m.
  • Choose from 8, 10 or 12 rake wheels.
  • Produce windrows from 0.9–2 m wide.
  • 140-cm diameter raking wheels use 40 equally spaced tines to gently pick up and move the crop to build fast-drying windrows.
  • Strong frame made of structural tubular metal.
  • Equipped with 38-cm tires for stability and durability.
  • Rake arm flotation suspension for cleaner raking with less soil gouging and longer tine life.

Easily handles rough, uneven terrain with its rake arm shock absorber system, Oscillating raking wheel holders that enable the machine to adapt to bumpy fields, and adjustable pressure spring suspension that allows wheels to work at the correct load and hug the ground.

Easy Transport

In the field, you simply push a lever and the rake wheels lower for use, when you are done simply pull the lever to fold them back up for transport.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Case IH WRX Series wheel rakes sport durable, heavy-duty frames built to handle high capacities and tough, uneven terrain. The generous rake arm clearance accommodates higher-volume raking Rake sections float over uneven terrain without hang ups.

Easy Adjustment

Adjust the rakin beam angle based on conditions

Adjust the raking beam angle to form loose windrows for more airflow, or to create a tighter windrow if conditions are dry or windy. Raise or lower raking wheels independently with a master switch (WR401 model). In tight spaces or when finishing up a field, rake with only one side of the wheel rake (WR102 model only). Hydraulically adjust rake arms so windrow widths are matched to crop and field conditions (WR401 model).



WR401 HD