Flex headers

6,1 TO 10,68 M


Low-growing and low-podded crops such as soybeans present their own challenges at harvest, but with a Case IH 3020 Flex header on the front of your Axial-Flow®, you’ll have the best tool for the task. For high-speed harvesting with minimal losses, there’s nothing to match the 3020 Flex headers. It’s the specialist for harvesting crops growing close to the soil, with a 15cm flex range meaning it floats over the ground contours, hugging them to gather every single pod and bean without soil contamination.


Case IH engineers have worked long and hard to minimize every possibility of seed loss at the flex header. The effective design of the poly crop end dividers gently presents the most down and tangled crop to the reel and cutterbar while positively following ground terrain. Reel options include plastic tines, recommended for most crop types and conditions, or steel tines, for demanding work such as thick, tough and laid crop. With the reel design and gentle crop engagement of the six-bar reel, effective feeding and cutting, resulting in increased crop quantity and quality, are guaranteed.


Smooth, even crop feeding is guaranteed by the stainless steel auger floor, while the profile from the cutter bar to the auger floor is designed to ease the flow of crop into the auger trough. The auger is protected by a slip clutch and is driven by a heavy-duty drive chain to ensure long life and positive drive even in tough crop conditions. It gently conveys the crop from cutter bar to the feeder, while an integrated grain saver prevents valuable crop from falling back to the field.


To follow ground contours as closely as possible and capture the best crop quality without soil contamination, the flex header features a wide range of adjustable elements. The cutter bar incorporates a fully adjustable suspension system designed to follow constantly changing ground contours in the most adverse harvesting conditions. It’s the key to full harvesting efficiency in every soil type, from soft to hard, dry or muddy. As an option, the TerraFlex torsion block – the heart of the header – can be controlled from the operator’s seat to adapt to field conditions. The skid shoes are designed to float softly on the ground, even in soft soil conditions. The Flex header can be used in rigid mode to harvest other cereal crops.