Case IH ISOBUS solutions suit every type of business. A standardized, compatible link between the tractor and the attachment, whatever the brand, controls all your ISOBUS devices using the AFS touchscreen monitor. Just plug it in – all Case IH tractors are wired upon delivery – the necessary technology is factory-fitted.

An easy way to improve efficiency

Task Controller section and Task Controller geo-based make it easy to save inputs and increase your efficiency. On the one hand, the reaction time of the operator is replaced by automatic control, the latter never becoming tired even after long working hours. On the other hand, section control and in particular row control both reduce overlap by up to 75% and 100%, respectively.

Automatic row control does not only help you to save fertilizers and crop protection products as positive effects already become visible during seeding. In addition to reducing the cost of seeds, you can also optimize your crop standards. Avoiding double density seeding in corners and along headlands will contribute to better crop growth and crop health.

ISOBUS Solutions

ISOBUS Task Controller

The ISOBUS Task Controller offers a number of advantages which make your fieldwork easier and more efficient day after day:
•GPS based control of sections on ISO implements.
•Variable-rate applications with compatible ISOBUS implements.
•Simple and complete documentation.
•Control of compatible ISO implements from different manufacturers via a single, fully integrated terminal.
•Increased productivity and time saving when changing from one implement to another.
•Cost-saving when buying new implements.

The Case IH solution includes:

•One display for tractor functions, ISOBUS, and guidance.
•Fully integrated AFS 700 touch-screen display.
•Quick and user-friendly implement control.

ISOBUS Task Controller functions

Task Controller Basic

​If you are interested in the documentation of cumulative values which provide useful information on the work you have done, the Task Controller Basic will deliver exactly what you are looking for. Data submitted by implements are documented in ISO XML format and can easily be transferred between your electronic field book and your Task Controller. That makes importing tasks and exporting documentation of completed operations a matter of seconds.

Task Controller Section

​Automatically turning boom sections of sprayers and spreaders on and off in relation to actual GPS data and the overlap you desire, the Task Controller Section delivers far more than documentation. This feature is particularly useful for headlands or fields with irregular shapes. In addition to saving 5-10% of your inputs such as crop protection products and fertilizers, you may also benefit from a higher yield potential due to the targeted application that does not leave any bad spots.

Task Controller Geo-based

In addition to the features provided by Task Controller Section, the Geo-based version of the Task Controller enables you to generate site-specific data. Sub-area specific applications can be planned, performed and documented on the basis of digital application maps. As with Task Controller Section, a GPS receiver must be connected to your Task Controller.
ISOBUS allows for easy operation of your large baler – and any other ISOBUS-compatible implement – via your AFS touch-screen monitor.

Automatic row control.

Reduces your input costs for seeds and fertilizers.

Manual row control.

​With manual control, you can’t avoid double density seeding and spraying.