2000 Series Early Riser Planters

12 - 36 ROWS

From the rugged row unit to the factory integration of the industry’s most accurate planter technologies, the 2000 series operates at your speed to ensure faster, more uniform emergence and the best yield possible.



12 – 36


15″ – 30″


12′ 4″ –26’ 8”


7″x7″ – 12″x12″


Maximize Yield Potential

Watch the video featuring first-season, 2150 Early Riser planter customers to hear about how agronomic advantages led to better seed-to-soil contact and faster emergence — up to three days earlier than neighboring farms.​​​

High-Efficiency Planting

  • Combines a rugged row unit with the industry’s most accurate planting technologies.
  • Quickly adapts to meet unique field conditions.
  • Consistently accurate – no matter the speed or conditions.


  • Customizable direct from the factory to meet any soil types and cropping practice.
  • Precision Planting® options to meet your unique planting needs.
  • Crop protection and fertilizer application options available.

Easy Maintenance & Adjustments

  • Tool-free crop changes and adjustments on many components.
  • Simple, accessible T-handle depth adjustment makes changing seeding depth in 1/8-inch increments quick and easy.

NEW FOR 2020
The Latest in High-efficiency Planting

2160 Early Riser® Large Front-fold Planter

Expanding the lineup of 2160 Early Riser large front-fold planters with two new 60-foot configurations — the new 24-row 30-inch and 47-row 15-inch with split rows — delivers more capacity for large-scale producers:

  • New configurations include a 24-row unit with 30-inch spacing for planting corn or soybeans and a split-row unit that can plant 15-inch rows of soybeans or specialty crops and 30-inch rows of corn.
  • Used across any terrain or soil type.
  • Unmatched accuracy in seed placement and depth as well as easy serviceability.
  • 60-foot toolbar gives producers the efficient productivity they need to hit optimal planting windows.

New HD Mapping Capabilities Optimize Planting

Seamlessly collect and store high-definition planting data on an iPad with The Climate Corporation FieldView® Cab app.

  • The Climate Corporation FieldView Cab app can now be accessed from the tractor cab with an iPad® and The Climate Corporation FieldView Drive™ technology.
  • The setup option removes the need to purchase a display exclusively for FieldView.
  • Allows for row-by-row data visualization, mapping, A/B line sharing and more Data mapped includes seed hybrids, population, singulation, spacing, DeltaForce® hydraulic downforce, liquid fertilizer and granular chemical layers.
  • Compatible with all 2000 series Early Riser planters that are connected to Case IH Steiger®, Magnum™, Optum™, and Puma® series tractors equipped with AFS AccuGuide™ auto-guidance.


Built for Accuracy at Your Speed

Recent field testing shows our industry-leading new Early Riser planter row-unit is where speed, precision, and performance meet. The unit is high-speed capable while delivering accurate seed placement, net effective stand, and harvest data.

Vertical Row Unit Travel

Sixteen inches of vertical row-unit travel improves performance in varied terrain while providing greater clearance for residue managers. Cast-iron row-unit is built with larger, common hardware and fewer parts.

Opening System

Larger diameter and thicker Earth Metal® offset opener blades are agronomically designed to slice through residue and tough soil conditions.

Furrow Management System

Pulled gauge wheels with soil relief grooves eliminate sidewall compaction and control soil flow through changing ground speeds. The furrow forming point creates the industry’s only flat-bottom seed trench.

Downforce Management

Through up-or-down hydraulic pressure, automatic and row-by-row DeltaForce® achieves consistent weight on the gauge wheels for unparalleled depth control. Or select air downforce with or without in-cab gauge wheel feedback.

Floating Residue Management System

CleanSweep® air cylinders allow for in-cab adjustments of residue manager ride to accommodate soil and residue conditions.

Two-stage Closing System

Inverted closing disks zip the trench closed, placing high-moisture soil directly onto the seed. The press wheel ensures proper seed-to-soil contact.

Understanding the Agronomic Traits of the Early Riser Row Unit Design

In 10 minutes, learn how the agronomic traits of the Early Riser row unit compare to other planter row units, and how this model is designed for superior agronomic performance and improved yield potential.


Precise Per-Row Seed Metering

To achieve the perfect picket fence stand, you need a seed meter capable of delivering accurate and consistent seed singulation, populations and in-row spacing. The all-new seed meter and electric drive at the heart of the new 2000 series Early Riser planter row unit do just that. And it does it at your speed.
Get an inside look at how Advanced Seed Delivery™ provides the most precise control from the meter to the furrow.

vSet® 2 Seed Meter with vDrive® Electric Drive Motor

vSet® 2 Seed Meter with vDrive® Electric Drive Motor
Row-by-row overlap control and curve compensated spacing deliver optimal seed singulation and spacing. A simple design provides tool-free crop changes and reduces mechanical drive components.

Advanced Seed Delivery (ASD)

For the most accurate seed delivery and placement to and in the trench, the 2000 series ASD option includes the new SpeedTube from Precision Planting. Available for corn and soybeans, the SpeedTube™ uses a flighted belt to control the delivery of the seed from the meter to the furrow, eliminating the drop and tumble variability of traditional gravity drop tubes, especially at high speeds.


Engineered to Deliver

Our 2000 series Early Riser planters are equipped with bulk-fill tanks to provide reliable seed delivery from the tank to the mini-hopper — no matter the seed population. The 2160, 2150 and 2140 models feature two bulk-fill tanks, and the 2130 model features one 50-bushel tank. Plus, optional 1.9-bushel, on-row individual hoppers are available on all 2130 and 2150.


Reduced Compaction & Better Maneuverability

Extend your planting window with the Rowtrac™ Carrier System. With increased flotation over a wheeled carrier, this carrier system reduces compaction and improves yield potential in wet spring conditions. Plus, it provides better maneuverability and a smoother toolbar ride.

The Rowtrac Carrier System is currently available as a factory-installed option for the 2160 Early Riser planter and will be available for the 2140 Early Riser planter for spring 2019. A conversion kit for the 2140 planter will also be offered for producers who desire to convert their planter to tracks.

Highlights of the steerable Rowtrac Carrier System include:

  • Exclusive towed-implement track undercarriage design is pivotable on three major axes for pitch, roll and yaw movement. This system allows the tracks to uniformly minimize ground pressure, even in rolling terrain.
  • Transport steering improves maneuverability, especially in tight field entrances.
  • One set of track paths controls in-field traffic and reduces pinch row compaction from dual wheels.
  • Fore-aft track oscillation provides excellent ground contact and weight distribution on undulating terrain.
  • Side camber promotes even wear and extended track life through uneven terrain and roading.


Factory-Integrated Precision Planting Technology

As the only planter engineered and built with Precision Planting® components, you can customize your planter with the most accurate planting technology, direct from the factory. And, while others may offer some of these components, only the 2000 series Early Riser planter combines Precision Planting technology with the industry’s most agronomically designed row-unit.

Control System Options

  • Choose between the total planter control and continuous feedback available through the Case IH AFS Pro 700 display or FieldView® with the 20/20 SeedSense® options available from Precision Planting.
  • Through the single-screen AFS Pro 700, you can make in-cab adjustments on-the-go, including CleanSweep, DeltaForce, Advanced Seed Delivery, closing system down pressure, wing downforce and more.
  • Plus, tap into AFS Connect™ advanced farm management system to share planter data with your home computer or trusted 3rd party advisor via two-way file transfer.

Row by Row Shut-offs

  • Eliminates overlap with the all new, maintenance-free v-Drive electric meter drive system.
  • Uses GPS to provide row unit shutoff capabilities – automatically disengages rows when you overlap areas that have already been planted.
  • Allows you to adjust your planting rate from the cab using the AFS Pro 700 control center.

Advanced Seed Information

  • Immediate seed placement feedback to make corrections.
  • Provides immediate seed sensing and pinpoints singulation, skips and multiples.
  • Compares quality of spacing between populations.
  • Available for corn, popcorn, sugar beets and sunflower crops.


  • Fully integrated auto-guidance system that works with your Steiger® Magnum™ or Puma® tractor.
  • Choose your level of accuracy (sub-meter to sub-inch).
  • Reduces gaps and overlaps.


Fit the Way You Farm

As the only planter engineered and built with Precision Planting® components, you can customize your planter with the most accurate planting technology, direct from the factory. And, while others may offer some of these components, only the 2000 series Early Riser planter combines Precision Planting technology with the industry’s most agronomically designed row-unit.


  • DeltaForce hydraulic down force helps achieve the ultimate row-by-row control across varying soil conditions and speeds.
  • Automatically provides the required up or down pressure to achieve consistent weight on the gauge wheels, resulting in highly accurate seed depth.
  • Measures gauge wheel load 200 times per second, triggering hydraulic adjustments to add or remove weight five times every second.
  • Exclusive to the new Early Riser planter, DeltaForce not only adds weight but also removes weight as needed by applying lift force to the row unit, optimizing seed placement in soft soil.


  • Floating residue managers with CleanSweep® air cylinders provide flexibility and enhanced performance to clear even the toughest residue — without distributing soil.
  • Make in-cab ride adjustments from the tractor cab through your AFS Pro 700 monitor.
  • Simply add down pressure for tougher no-till conditions, or add up pressure for soft and mellow conditions.


Easy Service Access & Simplified Adjustments

Many components of our 2000 series Early Riser planters – including the metering system and row unit settings – provide tool-free crop changes and adjustments.

Plus, we’ve eliminated all the mechanical components – hex shafts, bearings, couplers, sprockets, chains and clutches – needed to turn a conventional planter. Fewer things to go wrong means reduced, simpler maintenance.

Built to Your Specs

Direct from the factory, each 2000 series Early Riser planter is configured to meet your specific needs and fit perfectly into your cropping practices. You can customize your planter, like never before, to your farm’s soil types, terrain, fertilizer and chemical application needs, and crop residue management preferences.

Crop Protection

  • AMVAC SmartBox® option delivers granular insecticide in-furrow.
  • Closed on-row system helps minimize exposure to granular insecticides and provides superior crop protection.
  • Electronically controlled metering for precise application, while adjusting for changes in ground speed.
  • Available row by row shut-offs help reduce input costs.

Fertilizer Application Options

  • New liquid fertilizer system is designed for accurate application at speeds from 3 to 10 mph.
  • Centrifugal pump accurately delivers a broad application rate range.
  • On 2160, 2150 and 2140 planter models, factory-installed seed-fertilizer combination units feature a 400-600 gallon liquid fertilizer capacity plus bulk-fill seed hoppers.
  • Factory-available fertilizer, including all toolbar and row unit distribution to the furrow, is available for the 2130 planter model; tractor-mounted tanks required.
  • Available row-by-row shut-offs help reduce input costs.

See The Early Riser Planter In Action

Current Models

2140 Pivot-Transport

A 23-, 24-, 31- or 32-row planter with 15-, 20- or 22-inch spacing with a split row configuration option that requires anywhere from 250 to 380 engine hp, based on planter size and desired speed. Available in wheeled or track carriers.

2150 Front Fold Trailing

A 12-, 16, and 24-row planter with 30-inch spacing that requires anywhere from 180-500 engine hp based on planter size and desired speed.

2160 Large Front Fold Trailing

A 24-row planter with 30-inch spacing, 32-row planter with 30-inch spacing, 36-row planter with 20-, 22- or 30-inch spacing, or 47-row split-row planter with 15-inch spacing — available in wheeled or tracked carriers. Toolbars ranging from 60- to 90-feet require 380 to 620 engine horsepower, depending on planter size, desired speed and terrain.

2130 Stack-fold

A 12-row planter with 30-, 36-, 38- or 40-inch spacing, or 16-row planter with 30-inch spacing with a stack-fold configuration that requires anywhere from 180 to 310 Engine hp, based on planter size and desired speed.


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